Free iTunes Codes Generator

Just like Xbox in my previous post I will tell you here a secret method to get iTunes credit for free. You dont need any membership like Xbox at itunes store but you need credit to purchase the premium content.

As the title say above here I will tell you how to get that premium content on itunes store for free. All you have to do visit this itunes code generator and generate a code. After generating code complete a survey to get the last 4 digits of the code. You can then use that code to add credit to your itunes account for free. Later this credit can be used for purchasing premium apps or music or whatever you want at itunes store. Subscribe for more such tricks.

Xbox One Vs Xbox 360

If you are a Game addict like me you may be familiar with Xbox however those who are starting with Xbox or looking to buy it for first time often get confused on which one to buy. Xbox one or Xbox 360.

Well the difference is quite notable if you see the specification of both the consoles. Xbox one is latest and is leaps and bounds ahead of Xbox 360. Both have different Kinnect and even after being from the same company and family none of them is compatible to each other which simply means you cant use Kinnect of Xbox 360 with Xbox One.

With respect to size, the older one is bulkier and the newer one is slim as happen most of the times and if you compare price of both you will see the older version is much more cheaper than the newer one.

In both Xbox all you need is free xbox live codes in order to play multiplayer games for free. Else you have to purchase the membership of it which may not be pocket friendly.